Whole system child protection reform

Munro Turnell and Murphy Consulting is a partnership of Professor Eileen Munro, Professor Andrew Turnell and Terry Murphy.

Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro & Terry Murphy
Andrew Turnell, Eileen Munro & Terry Murphy

Munro Turnell and Murphy Consulting provides whole-of-system child protection consultancy services to enable child protection and family services agencies to implement lasting reforms that deliver better outcomes for vulnerable children and their families.

Around the world child protection systems are facing common problems:

  • increasing rates of state intervention in families lives
  • increasing numbers of children taken into care for increasing lengths of time
  • adversarial relationships between the families and the professionals
  • proceduralisation that reduces scope for tailoring response to each child and family
  • staff burnout and turnover
  • unsustainable cost of child protection systems.

Munro Turnell and Murphy Consulting provides high-level advice and support across all levels of the child protection endeavour: theory, case practice, policy, systems, professional collaboration, leadership and reform implementation.

Munro Turnell and Murphy Consulting brings together the academic, organisational leadership and practice backgrounds of the partners to implementation strategies for reform that:

  • have an international perspective
  • focus on alignment of practice, policy, systems and leadership
  • manage the complexity of child protection practice and organisation
  • improve the quality of help given to children, young people and their families