Principal Partners

Professor Eileen Munro

Dr Eileen Munro

Professor Eileen Munro is Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics. Eileen was a social worker for many years and has also studied philosophy which has fuelled her interest in the reasoning skills needed in social work. Professor Munro has written extensively on how best to combine intuitive and analytic reasoning in risk assessment and decision-making in child protection, her most well-known book Effective Child Protection is now in its second edition. In May 2011 Professor Munro completed the Munro Review of the English Child Protection System. The Review describes the limits of a policy of bureaucratic control in the prevention of severe child abuse arguing for growing a system that values and organises around frontline professional expertise. More information about Eileen is available at To view a list of articles in print by Eileen Munro please click here.

Professor Andrew Turnell

Professor Andrew Turnell is Social Work Professor of Practice at Cumbria University. Andrew is the principal co-creator of the Signs of Safety approach to child protection casework which is the most well-known participatory approach currently available in the international child protection field. Andrew is the founder of Elia which leads a 60-strong international community of licensed Signs of Safety trainers and consultants hailing from Japan, New Zealand, Europe and North America. Andrew is also partner with Professor Eileen Munro and Terry Murphy in Munro, Turnell and Murphy Consulting, which works with governments and children’s services agencies around the world to transform child protection practice and organisation. More information at

Terry Murphy

Terry Murphy is a Director of Resolutions Consultancy in Perth Western Australia with primary responsibility to coordinate key international Signs of Safety system-wide implementations and to lead and advise the licensed Signs of Safety consultants. From 2007 to 2014, Terry was the Director-General of the Department of Child Protection and Family Support (DCPFS) Western Australia, which has more than 2,200 employees serving the State of 2.5 million square kilometres and 2.5 million inhabitants. In early 2008, the Western Australian Government, Terry and the DCPFS Executive made the decision to implement the Signs of Safety as its framework for all child protection practice throughout the agency. From that time under Terry’s leadership, and actively involving all levels of the organisation, the Signs of Safety implementation has been central in transforming the agency, its culture and practice outcomes. Terry holds degrees in psychology and economics, as well as an MBA.