EIP Journal – October 2018

Munro, Turnell and Murphy (MTM) publish the Signs of Safety English Innovations Project (EIP) newsletter each quarter after the EIP leaders’ workshop. It reflects the content of each workshop as introduced by both MTM and the local authorities, and exercises and questions that readers can do for themselves.

MTM hopes that the EIP journal will be a valuable learning resource for all the staff of the local authorities as well as their partners and stakeholders, and more broadly in England.

Achievements, Challenges and an Opportunity


  • Family network training – outstanding presentations
  • Inspection and working with family to get their voice in a SCR. Bringing a challenge into focus
  • Moving to a place where AI is being used regularly to learn from good practice – particularly at a team level
  • Getting group supervision step live on the IT system
  • NSCB leadership group sharing honestly

Building Family Finding Into Signs of Safety Practice

Family Finding – Core Beliefs

  • Every young person has an immediate and extended family, and they can be found if we try.
  • Loneliness can be devastating, even dangerous, and is experienced by most children and youth in the care system.
  • A permanent, meaningful connection to family and caring adults helps a youth to develop a sense of belonging and hope.
  • The single factor most closely associated with positive outcomes for young people is a meaningful, life-long connection to a family and community of support.

Local Authority Presentation – Suffolk

Suffolk mapped their implementation through a question and answer session with managers and front-line workers – what they were most proud of, what has challenged them and what their priorities are – all with a culture of appreciative inquiry.


Halfway Through EIP2: Assessing Where We Are on the Key Deliverables – Progress and Imperatives

Half time, time to think it through, consider the change, see it from a different view.
Amy Winehouse


Local Authority Presentation – Norfolk


A Brief Consideration of Signs of Safety Accreditation

What are we worried about?

  • Doing the best for children
  • Organisation knowing what is happening
  • Protecting reputation of Signs of Safety

Gathering Livestream

A Gathering brings people together to share and document what works in real day-to-day practice.

This gathering will be livestreamed, for free and open to all, via the Signs of Safety Knowledge Bank making it a truly international learning experience.

Participants, both those in the room and those watching via the livestream, will be able to give realtime feedback via their phone or other mobile device.

Knowledge Bank subscribers will also have on-demand access to all the presentations within 24 hours.

Go to: https://knowledgebank.signsofsafety.net/live

Please Give Us Your Feedback

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Most importantly, please have a look at the Guide document for the leaders’ workshop plan. Think about it and let us know what you think would be most helpful at the next workshop: