England Innovation Project

Munro, Turnell & Murphy Child Protection Consulting was successful in securing a second round of Innovation Project grant funding of £1.95 million to continue to work intensively with ten local authorities in England, over two years.

The funding was provided to fully implement the Signs of Safety practice in each local authority and work with them to re-design their organisational procedures and functioning to better support the approach in helping children, young people and families.

The ten local authorities were: Bexley, Brent, Bristol, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Wakefield, West Sussex, and Wokingham.

Terry Murphy, Eileen Munro, Joke Wiggerink and Andrew Turnell
The Innovation Project encompassed:
  • Core learning of the Signs of Safety practice for all 10 authorities (basic training, advanced training and coaching for supervisors and other practice leaders)
  • Comprehensive organisational reform to align the organisation to the Signs of Safety practice and documentation of the implementation work
  • Specific reforms defining the practice using Signs of Safety in:
    • a single assessment for intake / first response,
    • the whole continuum of services from early help through children in need, child protection plans and looked after children,
    • family group conferences and child protection conferences,
    • public law outline,
    • integration with key partner agency services and Troubled families;
  • Reforming managerial oversight and quality assurance – with measures that are meaningful and easy to use for workers and managers
  • Connecting Signs of Safety practice with the Ofsted (English Audit Commission) inspection framework
  • Foundation research and development of open source information technology recording as well as the development of Signs of Safety apps
  • Action research led by Eileen Munro informing the project as it proceeds
  • Independent outcome research

The England Innovation Project also provided many benefits for the international Signs of Safety community including building the evidence base in support of the approach and doing the innovative work of researching and detailing organisational leadership and structure that best supports Signs of Safety practice.

Munro, Turnell & Murphy Child Protection Consulting felt privileged to be working with the ten local authorities that were committed to making transformational changes for the difficult, complex and contentious work of keeping children safe and helping struggling families.

All of the updates published through the life of the project are linked on this page.