Introducing and Launching the Learning Lab at Wokingham

Signs of Safety has evolved learning labs all round the world to make their case practice and learning processes publically available.

EIP2 includes the key deliverable of ‘developing a learning lab for case practice’ through open consultation on cases and publishing associated learning materials. The learning lab will support staff across the EIP LAs with learning experiences and materials.

As part of EIP 2 Wokingham have made a commitment to develop a Learning Lab.

Judith Ramsden, DCS, commented in launching the Learning Lab:

  • Wokingham is committed to open and transparent practice
  • The Learning Lab builds on the past two years work following end to end cases
  • We have built group supervision across the department
  • We will be including the use of the Learning Journal to step up the learning process.

Specifically, the learning Lab will provide the following benefits to EIP2 LAs:

  • Web-based video consultation sessions available to all practice leaders
  • Following end to end cases as shared learning opportunities
  • Demonstrating the group supervision method within the consultation
  • Documenting learning cases as learning resources for whole community.

This work will model the process for learning cases in all agencies and assist EIP 2 LAs to initiate or build on their existing work in this area with the support of Signs of Safety trainers and consultants.