My Three Houses App Launched

We are very happy to announce that the groundbreaking My Three Houses® App, funded by the UK government as part of the England Innovation Project and designed with children’s services practitioners in the UK, USA and Australia, is now available worldwide for iOS and Android tablets, completely free!

The three houses tool was first conceived in New Zealand in 2003 and since then has been a tool of choice for children’s services workers around the globe because it offers a caring and intelligent way of placing the voice of the child at the centre of child protection assessment and planning.

The My Three Houses App brings this tool into the digital realm with video, interactive animation and a drawing pad for children into the one fun, elegant and engaging app. It also includes a video explanation for parents and extensive guidance for workers. Most importantly the app makes it easier for workers, who have limited time to do the most important and often hardest part of their job—getting vulnerable children to speak.

The app is the result of eighteen month’s intensive development and testing. The app is the first of its kind, developed by practitioners for practitioners.

Highly accessible and immediately usable, the My Three Houses App will continue to be upgraded and developed as user feedback is received.

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