Signs of Safety EIP Journal – October 2017

EIP Journal – October 2017

Munro, Turnell and Murphy Child Protection Consulting (MTM) publish the Signs of Safety England Innovation Project (EIP) journal each quarter after the EIP leaders’ workshop. It reflects the content of each workshop as introduced by both MTM and the local authorities, and exercises that readers can do for themselves. MTM hopes that the journal will be a valuable learning resource for all the staff of the local authorities as well as their partners and stakeholders, and more broadly in England.

The Second Wave Signs of Safety EIP

The second wave Signs of Safety England Innovation Project (EIP) was launched on 29 September 2017 with leaders from the ten local authorities (Bexley, Brent, Bristol, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Wakefield, West Sussex and Wokingham) coming together with Munro, Turnell and Murphy (MTM) and their colleagues at the first quarterly leaders workshop for the project. The EIP will run for the next two years through to September 2019.


Safety Planning and Networks

Could your safety plans look like this?

A version for the children and the network is best set out in words in pictures. Here are two panels from a safety plan in a recent case in The Republic of Ireland.


Alignment of Case Management Processes to Signs of Safety

All local authorities have made some progress aligning their case management processes to the Signs of Safety practice. This has included altering forms, changing the format of child protection conferences and reports, and bringing family network meetings into the centre of the practice and in some places having these meetings fulfil the role of prescribed conferences. However, progress is uneven and it is fair to say that for most agencies, the processes that were in place before the Munro Review remain dominant.


Quality Assurance – Development and Implementation

If you want to improve at anything (singing, golf, cooking, learning a language, leadership, child protection) what’s the most important thing you need to improve?

Timely feedback on your performance!

For our quantitative and qualitative measures to be meaningful they need to deliver feedback that grows learning for the people taking action – and it needs to be as close to real-time as possible, so they receive the feedback  when they are in action.


Action Research

Action research in the EIP1 addressed how many people were using the tools of Signs of Safety. This is where we are going with the dashboard, to know e.g. how many words and pictures or how many three houses are done, and to use that knowledge in relation to family and staff survey data, activity and outcome data, and the collaborative case audit, to learn and take action.


Introducing and launching the Learning Lab at Wokingham

Signs of Safety has evolved learning labs all round the world to make their case practice and learning processes publically available. EIP2 includes the key deliverable of ‘developing a learning lab for case practice’ through open consultation on cases and publishing associated learning materials. The learning lab will support staff across the EIP LAs with learning experiences and materials.

As part of EIP 2 Wokingham have made a commitment to develop a Learning Lab.


Revisiting Signs of Safety Leadership

 What would staff say they want to see you modelling in your leadership role?


Next EIP Leaders Workshops

15 December, 2017  |  Kings Place, London

Please refer to the document: 170904 Guide for LAs and MTM for the preliminary program.

Family Finding Bootcamps

  • 21 to 25 May, 2018 – North of England
  • 25 to 29 June – South of England