Taking Signs of Safety into the Future

The Signs of Safety approach has been at the centre of Munro Turnell & Murphy Consulting’s efforts to foster whole system child protection reform.

Signs of Safety was co-created by Andrew Turnell. In recent years, Munro Turnell & Murphy Consulting (MTM) has focused on the framing and design of whole system implementation of the approach.

For 20 years, Andrew Turnell through his company Resolutions, has defined Signs of Safety and led its continued evolution. Over the last 10 years, this evolution has increasingly been undertaken in partnership with a growing global community of licensed Signs of Safety trainers and consultants as well as MTM.

In 2020, Andrew will formally hand leadership, control and development of the model over to that community of trainers and consultants. 

To facilitate this, Andrew and Resolutions have established a membership-led, not-for-profit called Elia. The Signs of Safety trainers and consultants will form Elia’s membership and thereby take ownership of Signs of Safety.

MTM’s principal partners, Eileen Munro, Andrew Turnell and Terry Murphy will work closely with Elia on many of its projects and in support of the organisation and its mission.

Andrew Turnell will act as Elia’s first CEO, Terry Murphy will be part of Elia’s Executive Team overseeing Implementation projects and Eileen Munro will lead the action research on Elia’s largest implementations.


Elia’s mission is:

We work with organisations and communities anywhere in the world entrusted with the care of the most vulnerable children, to equip them to do everything possible to place the responsibility for the child’s safety and healing with the parents, children and everyone naturally connected to the family.

Wherever possible, we support organisations and communities working with other vulnerable people to use our approaches to enable their work to be more participatory.

As Resolutions did previously, Elia will work together with MTM in leading and coordinating many of the world’s largest Signs of Safety implementations. MTM will complete all its existing implementation projects. From today, new implementations will be managed by Elia, supported by MTM.

By establishing Elia as an international not-for-profit, supported by the expertise of MTM and a membership of licensed Signs of Safety Trainers and Consultants, Elia will be uniquely capable of delivering whole-system reform and Signs of Safety implementations anywhere in the world.

For more information about the transition of Signs of Safety to Elia, see the Taking Signs of Safety into the Future article and video on the Signs of Safety website and the Elia website.